Who is L&M Land Company?

L&M Land Company LLC was formed in the Fall of 2006 By Mark Wahl and Lloyd Cuttler. Mark was born and raised on the land adjacent to Eagle Ridge and is the owner of a very successful excavation business. Lloyd is an engineer (among other things), and has been doing developments in the Sugarloaf area for the past 40 years. Mark was working on one of Lloyds projects when the prospect of buying the land that is now Eagle Ridge came up in conversation. It wasn't long afterwards that L&M Land Company was founded.

The Original Subdivision land was a 65 Acer parcel. Over the years as lots were sold L&M purchased all of the rest of the Land surrounding the original subdivision. The Company now owns over 300 Acres of land which surrounds all of the original subdivision. Maintaining the beauty and pristine setting of the land has always been a guide for all of the development on Eagle Ridge. That is why you will see that all Utilities are kept underground, and lots are laid out to maximize the views of the surrounding mountains, while preserving the privacy of the land owners.

We welcome you to come and visit us at anytime so we can show you the individual lots.

If you come on your own, please feel welcome to drive around and enjoy the views, but we do ask you to respect the privacy of the homeowners while you are here. And we hope that soon, you will be one of those homeowners.